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Cab and Taxi fleet, any driver taxi Insurance.

Taxi Insurance and Cheap Taxi Insurance in London and the UK

Taxi insurance is not cheap to find in todays day and age. It totally depends on your personal details, your postcode, age, location, driving history, taxi experience and many other details. Taxi and minicabs need to be insured to carry passengers, this is a legal requirement by law. If a taxi does not have adequate insurance then the driver is breaking the law and taking the risk of being prosecured. Cheap premiums for taxi insurance can be obtained if the driver has a clean history and a good record of taxi driving. For example a driver with 10 years experience is more than likely to have a better price for his/her taxis insurance than a driver with only 2 years taxi driving experience. London has probably the most taxi drivers in the UK and especially minicab drivers in the london areas as london is so populated and there are so many taxi and private hire drivers there. Private hire and public hire taxi insurance is readily available in all parts of the UK. Whatever vehicle you drive, whether it is an MPV taxi vehicle, a minibus, a minicab, a black london TX1 or TX2 taxi, remember taxi insurance is compulsory and is available in all parts of the UK. Taxi and minicab brokers are available, for cheaper premiums and for monthly, weekly, yearly and quarterly insurance policies and even for any driver policies and for taxi fleet owners, there are schemes available for cheap fleet taxi insurance.

Cheap UK London Minicab / Black Cab Taxi Insurance

There is no such thing as cheap taxi insurance. However there are taxi insurance brokers and taxi insurance companies that vary in price for taxi premiums. Some brokers have exclusive deals with certain taxi insurance underwriters and insurance companies, and can offer a better premium price and a better quotation. Always look around for cheap taxi insurance as there are always different brokers with different deals for taxi and minicab insurance. Black cabs taxi insurance is available for all black cab drivers who are also known as cabbies and hackney carriage drivers in the UK. There are various companies that have rates available for both black cabs in london and the rest of the UK for cheap taxi and minicab prices.

Minicab Insurance Private Hire Drivers in the UK

A minicab is basically a private hire vehicle. In london these are called PCO vehicles and in other towns these are known probably just as private hire vehicles. Insurance for minicab and taxi vehicles vary in price. In certain areas a black cab is cheaper to insure than a minicab vehicle for taxi use. Main reason being because minicab insurance is more of a risk from an insurance standpoint. Black taxi cabs have a better record in insurance terms as they only pick up from designated ranks and this in the eyes of insurance is less of a risk as with a minicab, these could be picking fares up from just about any destination by pre booking and this is potentially a larger risk.

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